Jaw Dropping Brilliance!

Cirque Du Ciel Shanghai show is absolutely phenomenal

I have never witness anything as breathtaking as Shanghai, the show had more punch than a champion boxer :)

We were a buzz with excitement as we walked home, I think the words ‘that was awesome’ was said every other word as we made our way loudly home with excitement after experiencing Cirque Du Ciel Shanghai Show.


The routines were flawless and perfectly executed, I couldn’t believe how many people there was in each routine and their skill level was off the chart.

The term Jack of all trades comes to mind to describe the performers in Shanghai, these talented acrobats seemed to be able to do it all, Juggle, climb, spin, jump the list is endless.

Shanghai by Cirque Du Ciel is totally thrilling! there are no other words to describe this wonderful circus show, I was in a state of one long gasp all the way through the 2 hr show, I gasped so much I’m surprised I didn’t resemble a balloon by the end of it :).

My eyes were like saucers and my mouth hung open as I watched in disbelief the talented acrobatic expertise on stage, the stage was small but boy did they know how to us every bit of it.

At one point in a performance a crash mat was placed right on the end of the stage, I couldn’t help thinking ‘I’m glad I’m not sitting in the front row’, if it had gone wrong at any point they would have ended up with an acrobat in their lap :) of course they didn’t the performance effortlessly flew through the air with ease.

Cirque Du Ciel Shanghai

The performance was simply out of this world, you have to promise yourself to see this show, it’s full of spine tingling agility.

We loved the guys, they where miraculous, they made everything look so easy, there strength and agility was mesmerizing and they were light hearted which means you instantly love them :)

The ladies was graceful and enchanting with a few surprises along the way, you have to see what they can do with a diabolo and a drum, I’ll say no more :)

Shanghai is positively filled with heart stopping action all the way through.

I was astonished at the girl who could do an entire 10 minute routine holding her body weight up on one arm on a prop that look like the human version of a bird perch, absolutely extraordinary, she never flinched once, her strength was bewildering and inspirational, she was sweating profusely but never lost her resolve. I wouldn’t like to arm wrestle that little lady :)

The Monkey Poles finale was breath taking I literally didn’t breath while they threw them selves through the air, this has to be seen to believe, they flew up the poles like they wasn’t there, the performance is unparalleled to anything we’ve ever seen before, I’ll say no more I don’t want to spoilt it, But WOW it’ll blow your mind.

Cirque Du Ciel Shanghai

Only criticism we had was the beginning was not well polished and was confusing and amateurish, my hubby actually was considering leaving, ‘Numpty!’.

Please stick with it, 10-15 minutes in and you will see a circus performance like no other, although the start of Shanghai is not the best in the world the rest of the show will amaze, trust me when I say when Cirque Du Ciel Shanghai gets going you will never forget the exciting thrills you saw on stage.

There is a live Chinese Drummer playing along to the music that the acts are performed to. This added a real feel to the show, it meant the drummer could exactly hit the drum to emphasise the performers action on stage, nothing can get your heart pounding like a giant Chinese drum and I liked that they had a live musician.

Unfortunately the music in the Embassy Theatre in Skegness where we saw Shanghai was too loud, the microphone on the drummer was so high that it hurt my ears pretty bad, particularly when he hit the symbols, I was feeling actual pain, but this might be just in the Embassy that night.

Shanghai by Cirque Du Ciel is a great family show filled with delights that will entrance your very soul as you sit stunned and totally enthralled by the dazzling talents of these skilled acrobats, you will see traditional Chinese stunts such as the aerial silks, boy-foot juggling, the famous monkey poles, hat juggling, contortions and dynamic hoop diving with gob smacking somersaults, leaps and jumps.

Cirque Du Ciel Shanghai

The show Skillfully combines acrobatics, modern dance, original music, martial arts and many other Chinese elements in an adventure you will be in amazement of and find difficult to forget! what more could you ask for :)

Miss Cirque Du Ciel’s Shanghai and you will miss out on the most stunning piece of family entertainment of the year!

Cirque Du Ciel ‘Shanghai’

Would We Go Again : Yes Definitely
Would We Recommend To Others: Yes Without Pause
Was It Value For Money: Yes
Recommended For: All Ages

Star Rating 10/10 Fantastic Show