Fun, fun, funny

Paul Zerdin Sponge Fest Tour is a breath of fresh air, the show cleverly combines comedy with ventriloquism, result is a theatre filled with laughter from all generations.

The show sparkled, I don’t think our faces dropped once while watching Paul and his spongy friends on stage, Our cheeks hurt after the show from all the smiling and laughing of a full hour of entertainment, who’d of thought laughter could give your face a workout :)

My son got terrible cramp in his cheeks from over Smiling, LOL

My hubbies face shone with childish delight, which was great to see.

I recommend if you want to stay looking and feeling young then go and see Sponge fest and enter a world of make believe were you will meet Sam, Albert and Baby as well as having a obviously talented comedian Paul Zerdin brighten your day.

Sponge Fest isn’t all about the puppets but more about ventriloquism which gave the show another element. we liked it when Paul pulled out two members from the audience and took them up on stage, fixing two mechanical jaws onto there chins turning the poor bewildered volunteers into living dummies, hilarity followed.

Paul Zerdin has a very friendly and confident manner on stage, he makes it easy for an audience to warm to him and feel at home with his ability, it also helped the ventriloquist dummies where cute. I don’t like those scary looking traditional dummies, they give me the creeps, but paul’s puppets are lovely you’ll meet and be delighted by Sam, Albert and particularly baby.

When baby came on stage everyone in the audience went argh… except for me. When Paul turned baby around I cracked up laughing, I thought baby was funny looking, I’d hate to think what that says about me :)

Paul Zerdin’s interaction with the characters are really spectacular, unlike the old ventriloquists from years ago like Keith and Orville, Paul’s interaction with the his puppets was more natural, fun for all ages and there wasn’t talking through gritting teeth, Paul’s lips never moved.

Totally Brilliant!

Unlike Keith and Orville that had a very, your little and stupid tone to the performance, as well as Orville being many aimed at kids, the puppets in Sponge Fest take the mickey out of Paul/himself :) and the interaction with the audience makes the show more accessible to everyone, I found none of the show patronising or silly.

Paul Zerdin Spong Fest Tour is a breath of Fresh Air, Paul’s a talented guy and one hell of a perfomer

The jokes aimed at the grown ups 1 or 2 are a little crass like when Albert picked out a women in the audience and declared ‘She’s gagging for it, several times’ this might make some parents feel a bit on edge, but this is the only bad moment that comes to mind in sponge fest the rest of the show is totally harmless, the theatre in Skegness was filled with the laughter of children, they where really excited by the character on stage.

Parental guidance is advised by the show I guess for those who are sensitive.

I found all of the humor to be innocent, the show was simply terrific.

I love comedies and it’s so difficult to go and see a comedy show when you have kids, seeing Paul Zerdin’s Sponge Fest Tour was perfect for us. We all got a much needed laugh, we were smiling all the way home, I think because our faces had frozen from the over load of amusement we’d just experienced.

I’m smiling as I write this review remembering the fun we had :)

You have to see the finale, it’s awesome! I wont spoil it for you, I want to, but I wont, just lets says it’s not to be missed, something happens that will delight and surprise you, a real sweet ending to a fantastic show.

Go and see Paul Zerdin Sponge Fest, it’s a great family comedy show you will never forget and will be glad you saw.

Paul Zerdin Sponge Fest Tour

Would We Go Again : Yes
Would We Recommend To Others: Yes
Was It Value For Money: Yes
Recommended For: All Age Ranges, but parental Guidance is Advised

Star Rating 8.5/10