We saw the Wild Rose adaptation of Peter Pan On Ice at the Embassy Theater Skegness in 2007.

I hummed and arrghd whether to go and see Peter Pan On Ice, I have three boys and at the time they were 15, 13 and 10 years old, so I was torn.

It looked like an interesting show I knew my youngest would probably like it, but we had not been to anything like an ice show before, so I wasn’t sure!

Peter Pan on Ice

I had images of my two eldest watching men skating in tights and giving me a look of “what the hell did you bring us here for” ran rampant in my mind, so I left it until the last minute before taking the gamble and buying the tickets to Peter Pan on Ice.

They all loved it and I’m glad to say not a pair of tights to be seen, but plenty of pretty girls which is probably what kept my 15 year old son happy :-)

Peter Pan On Ice was Stunning

The Skegness Embassy Theater stage had been converted into a small ice rink I was astonished at the skill of the Russian skate stars, they performed moves that are normally seen on a Olympic sized skating rink on that small bit of ice.

Peter Pan on Ice

There was so much in the show people spinning from ropes amazing, fight scenes, explosions. The audience was a buzz with childhood laughter and not just from the kids the looks on the adults faces was a wash with a inner glow as we all marveled at the magic before us, men and women converted into children as they were re-introduced to Peter Pan and the lost boys.

I happened to look across at my 13 year old son during the show, he had tears in his eyes as he watched the mermaids perform. He found them to be so beautiful and elegant (they were his favourite characters from Peter Pan as a little boy).

The best moment for me and my youngest son was the Indians scene. The performance was electric and energetic with drums beating and flames blurring the lighting on stage was dark red and it gave the feeling of menace and danger set our hearts beating.

Another favourite of mine was the character J.M.Barrie the author of Peter Pan. The show is performed from his perspective whenever he came on it was a reminder that one man created the magic of Peter Pan and wrote it down for generations to love.

It gave me a warm feeling inside, I’m so glad they included J.M.Barrie without him we wouldn’t have got to live and feel the wonders of Neverland as children and hide beneath our covers at the thought of Captain Hook.

Peter Pan vs Hook on Ice

What ever your age, whatever your gender, whether you have children or not Peter Pan on Ice is a show for everyone. The standard of the show is apparent from the get go, there’s never a dull moment it is filled with acrobatic skills that would amaze you on solid ground let alone a thin sheet of ice.

Thrills and spills, shock and surprises, laughter and when it finishes a little bit of sadness.

We all wanted to go back and see it all again having been to the theater many times since we saw Peter Pan on Ice it is the only show I have seen where I wanted more and I didn’t want it to finish. If it comes back to the Embassy Theater in Skegness I’ll be there sat back on that front row getting sprayed with ice :)

You’ll be flooded with joyous emotions and filled with the magic of Peter Pan go see it.

Peter Pan On Ice Rating

Would We Go Again : Yes
Would We Recommend To Others: Yes
Was It Value For Money: Yes
Recommended For: All Age Ranges

Star Rating 10/10